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Black/White/Mid Gray/Red - Side View

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Black/White/Mid Gray/Red - Side ViewBlack/White/Mid Gray/Red - Front ViewBlack/White/Mid Gray/Red - Back ViewBlack/White/Mid Gray/Red - Left Side ViewBlack/White/Mid Gray/Red - Right Side ViewBlack/White/Mid Gray/Red - Top ViewBlack/White/Mid Gray/Red - Bottom ViewWhite


  • According to European statutory law the CE mark is a conformity requirement for the marketing of this product. The following standards apply: EN 13634:2017
  • Construction uses a highly breathable, perforated microfiber
  • TPU features is combined with ventilation zones and a new air flow system sole for breathability and superior ventilation
  • Evolutionary new shin plate design with ventilation windows strategically positioned to allow more ventilation without compromising the impact protection
  • Air vents on the TPU lateral calf plus breathable mesh insert improve comfort and reduce fatigue on short and long rides
  • New performance double pivot motion control system features:
  • Medial and lateral double pivot system for improved levels of flexibility and precision control
  • Engineered bi-density front flexion control is strategically positioned over the mesh area, combined with a dual front blade system and shock absorber insert to offer mechanical progressive force release to dampen and absorb impact energies
  • Re-designed dual density TPU rear blade system is engineered to prevent hyper-extension while offering improved flex control and impact resistance
  • Built into the Tech 10's unique and lightweight single-piDOT / ECE co-injected foot chassis is the patented Dynamic Heel Compression Protector (DHCP), an innovative safety feature which includes a fully integrated collapsible heel area with expanded polyfoam to absorb high impact energies during a crash
  • DCHP features a directional impact protection system which significantly reduces the effect of excessive, potentially injury-causing energy being transferred to the ankle and lower leg
  • DHCP has been developed and tested in the demanding circuits of professional Supercross and Motocross
  • Co-injected for strength and structure, the exclusive TPU and rubber compound panels provide superb levels of grip contact, durability and heat resistance
  • The contoured calf protector ergonomically wraps around the rear leg and is constructed from a dual density compound rear blade system to offer progressive dampening of excessive torsional forces
  • Shin plate features a new anatomic design for reduced surface area and weight-saving
  • Completely re-designed sole with proprietary grip sculpturing to improve foot-peg performance, grip and mud and water run-off
  • Exclusive dual compound sole is seamlessly integrated to the multi-density foot base structure with built-in support. The sole offers superior durability, grip and feel while riding, and improved performance on the shifter
  • The central sole insert features a micro grip and side hooking grip design. It is easily replaceable and Alpinestars offers a full sole replacement and boot repair service
  • Anatomically optimized for weight-saving and ergonomics, the new mechanical buckle closure system features a nylon and fiberglass compound for improved durability and strength
  • The new slim-line buckle closure system includes high-impact bridge closures which are cold forged for precision and strength
  • The buckle closure system features a memory and a quick release/locking system with self-aligning design for easy, precise closure and improved riding performance and security. All buckles are easily replaceable
  • Innovative, lightweight upper combines advanced lightweight microfiber with an impact and abrasion resistant TPU shell
  • The foot shell features five different compounds in a single lightweight piDOT / ECE to offer strength while maintaining flexibility and structural integrity
  • The foot shell incorporates heel and toe protection and is highly resistant against abrasion and impact while adding to the boot's overall durability
  • The foot shell also includes an integrated shank for support and structural integrity
  • Frontal protection features a dual closure system with an internal microfiber flap, plus hook and loop fasteners for a precise fit closure attached securely with a micro-adjustable, easy to operate, lightweight buckle
  • The shin incorporates a unique TPU blade system engineered to prevent frontal hyper-extension and offer greater flex control
  • Soft microfiber gaiter helps seal out excessive water and dirt entry, while the 3D mesh lining ensures improved air circulation and comfort
  • 3D mesh lining incorporates anti-sliding suede on heel area to keep the foot located inside the boot
  • Highly ventilated perforated padding for optimized ventilation and airflow

Forced airflow is channeled through the ventilated inner ankle brace, underfoot 3D layer and perforated footbed for maximum cooling performance.

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